Solita C. King, Esq.

Proven results through preparation

proven solutions

Attorney King has settled over 70 cases, many of which involved high-conflict parties and high-stakes distribution of multi-million dollar assets, including real estate, retirement plans, stocks, and other investments; a credit to her timely performance of risk analysis.

Research Expertise

Having authored over 100 persuasive pleadings, Attorney King possesses superior research and writing skills, leading many opposing attorneys to offer favorable settlements. Judges have consistently adopted her proposed judgements with minimal changes to her work.

financial clarity

Her substantial experience in the compilation of financial documents and conducting of financial accounting has afforded Attorney King the ability to transcribe multiple financial records into clear, straightforward spreadsheets that have proven to be invaluable during trials.

Photo portrait of Attorney Solita King

About Attorney Solita King

Possessing over 7 years of practice experience in various areas of law, Raleigh-based Attorney Solita C. King is a multi-state licensed attorney holding licenses in the states of North Carolina and Florida. She is currently seeking opportunities in areas of corporate and transactional law. Attorney King has proven herself as a formidable force over the last 3 1/2 years as a family law attorney at Thompson Family Law in Fort Myers, Florida. In addition, she is also a voting board member of the Association of Family Law Professionals.  Solita’s demonstrated record of negotiation, research, and financial skills are a testament to her modus operandi of being overly prepared to ensure success.  Her meticulous attention to detail has contributed to numerous legal victories throughout her career. If you would like to learn more about Attorney King’s professional experience, click ‘View Resume’ below.  Feel free to contact her about available opportunities within  your organization, click here to contact Solita C. King, Esq.